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  • Lead Pastor Rob Skutevik
  • Families Pastor Keith Easty

The words pastor, elder, shepherd and overseer are used interchangeably in scripture. In fact, the word Pastor only appears in Eph. 4:11, the leadership at FDLCC strong believe in a plurality of “Elders / Pastors” serving together and leading the church together, Elders have a pastoral calling. We realize each elder is gifted differently and therefore their calling and ministry will look different in its application. 

Essentially, we see the first deacons selected in Acts 6. The word means servant, they are called to serve the church and oversee its operation and it is their faithful work allows others to focus on the “spiritual healthy” of the church. But these servants are more than just glorified servants, in fact in Acts it describes them as “men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom”. Their lives exemplified Godliness and the evidence of the Spirit was all over these men’s lives. 

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Information coming

Secretary: Mardy Rodman

Treasurer: Mark Macor 

Ass. Treasurers: Cindy Sebring, Dawn Flipp

Custodian: Rose Holt