Our Community

People are relational and God created us that way, even going back to the garden of Eden before the fall, before sin, while literally being in paradise God identified Adam’s need for companionship, that hasn’t changed, in fact the need has grown, especially in a world that has become increasingly more broken. 

We see the emphasis on relationships / community in Jesus’ life and ministry. Many of the very people He was ministering to, trying to reach and help, He called them friends, He did life with them daily. Most of Jesus’ work didn’t happen at an “office” or the “pulpit” but He simply used those relationships and He interacted with them and as He did He took advantage of those moments to teach, encourage and be a living example to others. 

We believe strongly that most discipleship and growth happens in the context of Christian community outside of the weekly church service times. That closeness allows us to meet needs of others, love one another, encourage each other. That closeness allows us to be real and transparent with our struggles, hurts and pain, a transparency that is vital if we are going to make any real difference in the lives of so many other hurting people in the world. 

The early church operated just like a family, we want do to the same. A family where we can share with one another, whether that is our gifts, spiritual or physical, sharing our time or money to help others less fortunate. We want to help with the real practical daily needs many struggle with whether it is financial or simply needing a babysitter in a pinch. So, come be a part of a genuine community of imperfect yet loving Christians who want to grow together and make a difference in the lives of others. 

We are very intentional in building these relationships in community, sometimes it happens with the many church events scheduled by various leaderships teams or simply organically as people get to know one another and start “doing life together”. 

Below are some of the many ways to get plugged into community, check out our calendar for more details! 

We are committed to fulfilling the great commission.

Below are some of the ways we do it. 

Anchored Youth Group (7th -12th). We meet weekly on Wednesday nights from 6:30-745 and have at least one event a month for the youth. We have 3 basic goals in mind when we gather; one build meaningful relationships with each kid. We realize lasting impact in their lives only happens when they feel loved,  safe and trust you, this takes time and investment. Second, we want them to build strong relationships with each other. This world is filled with tests, temptations and struggles so having a healthy peer group to lean on is so important.  Finally, we want impart biblical principles that can shape their lives, we want them to hear the life transforming gospel message. 

Check us out on Facebook: Anchored Youth group

Boundaries study

Wednesday's from 6:30-7:45 pm child care is available.

Women’s bible studies                                                                              Thursday’s 1230 pm, contact Wendy for details 218-626-4981              

Men’s bible studies                                                                                    Thursday's  6:30 am

Never too Old (60 and older)                                                                           1st and 3rd Thursday’s each month at 130 pm at the church

  1. Mission Creek church (Main Church facebook site) 
  2. Anchored Youth Group
  3. Mission Creek Church Men's Basketball 
  4. Man Up- Men's ministry     
  5. The women of Mission Creek Church (private- send request if interested)
  6. The Family Connection  

"Man up" - Men's group.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”. Ecc. 4:12. Our hope at Mission Creek Church is to continue to build a men’s ministry whose purpose is to be a model of Christ. To offer an opportunity for men to develop strong friendships, a desire to strengthen their faith, and a commitment to serving others.

Updates coming shortly 

Never Too Old; Growing in Faith for Those Over Sixty

“Never too Old” is a group of seniors who are at least 60 years of age.  It’s an opportunity to get together to pray, study the Bible, talk about serving Him, and to get to know each other a little better.  We meet on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 1:30 in the church.  On the fourth Sunday of the month, we get together after church at a local restaurant for lunch and some conversation.  Our aim is to grow in our relationships with Jesus.